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In July 2019, the Russian segment of Darknet celebrated record attendance. In one day, in search of illegal products and services, 600 thousand Russians went to the dark Internet - this is the population of an entire city, such as Kemerovo, Makhachkala or Khabarovsk. Most likely, including at least one of your friends.

Over the past six months, the demand for stuff on the largest onion market in almost all regions of the country has grown five to seven times, and in some-there are ten times. This means that people feel more and more security when buying different products and that in just a few years in Russia it was possible to establish their production on a colossal scale.

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Many stores have got a quality certificate - they can be proud of the main wholesale suppliers selling goods not only in Russian federation, but also in the CIS countries. Omg works in 1114 cities. Number of Russian cities is 1013, another 101 - in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Armenia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Belarus and Ukraine.

Why are we successful? When the market demanded a more serious player, we came out with a completely handwritten product created by a team of professionals. We showed a unique example of an organization with quality control and help in establishing business processes.